Friday, February 5, 2010

The Process Continues!

Yesterday we met with Dr. Stinnett, the Doctor that will be administering the Chemotherapy. Oddly enough, I can actually say that I have a Chemo Dr., and as odd as it is to say and think about, it is probably just the tip of the iceberg to the strange reality of this week.

As I think back on the week that we have had, I realize that in one week almost to the very minute, we will have received the news that I have cancer from Dr. Morrell (on Friday at 3:11pm--if any are wondering and wanting to be exact:)!), had genetic testing to test for the BRACA gene mutation, been told that the circumstance that my cancer arose in, a fibroademoma, which is "always"benign, is so rare that as Dr. Tamayo put it, "It's like looking at the sun and saying that it is not shining!". So this diagnosis has been concerning for us and the industry as a whole, which is why my tissue has been sent on to the MAYO Clinic (a distinction I could have lived happily my whole life without).

Nonetheless, our journey continued with the MRI and results that Justin had talked about in the previous entry. We have felt an incredible peacefulness throughout this process and can feel our Heavenly Father's gentle hand guiding many parts of this process. We are grateful! That gratitude took about a 3 hour respite yesterday as we were told that my tumor is believed to be about a 7 cm Infiltrating duct carcinoma, and possibly in the lymphnodes, these descriptors helped to classify my breast cancer into a stage 3A.

And, unbelieveably enough this was not the end! We were then told that they would be as aggressive as possible, which would most likely result in a number of knowns for us; 1)additional testing, including, blood tests, bone scans, a CAT scan, an Echo-cardiogram; 2)I will be having a port put directly into my body for the administration of the Chemotherapy; 3) I will most likely receive some Chemotherapy before surgery to help shrink the cancer; 4)I will have more surgery (the extent of which we do not know yet); 5)I will also be receiving Radiation Therapy, given the size of the tumor; 6)I will lose my hair and all self calendaring possibility :)!, and 7)We will end this first week, as it began, talking with Dr. Glen Morrell and trying to piece together the information and regain some semblance of order in our lives.

This was all a lot to take in, but after the 3 hour respite, dinner from the River Restoration Group, and an incredible blessing given to Justin by Jeff Campbell and Jim Sirrine, we were back on track and thinking and feeling extremely positive. We are overwhelmed with the kindness, gratitude, and self sacrifice of those around us. We love you all so much! We are incredibly grateful for all of the thoughts, prayers, and ice cream! Your quiet kindnesses we be imprinted in our heart, minds, and souls and at the end of the day (or the longest week of my life) I have grown to appreciate the Savior far more than I ever have before, and I can feel His love for me far more intensely, which makes me love all of you even more than before!

Many of you may be wondering how the boys are doing...they are fine! Eli prays that the doctors will get all of the "bad cells" and Izzy has a curative smile.

As of 7 am this morning, I, so luckily, am in the process of drinking 900ml of barium sulfate, which on the bottle is called a berry smoothie...right! This to shall pass. Literally and figuratively! We will let you know how things go with the CAT and bone scan, as well as our meeting with Dr. Morrell.


  1. For the record, I WOULD have been the first to post on you blog, but I was at work! So instead I called Kristin. I can't say anything else, Kristin said it all. It sucks, and I wish I could take it away from you! Yet again like Kristin said we will be fighting it along side of you, there's a lot of us Andersons...and as Tyson told me, it really sucks for the cancer because the Anderson family just gain one more teammate! We love you guys!

  2. hey there miss becky!

    Im so sad to hear your news. Did you tell the dr.s that..."THATS NOT FAIR!"? We will be praying for you, your cute family and the doctors.

    I always smile when I listen to the "Stand By Me" soundtrack. ~memories~ Download it to your ipod and take it to your treatments...i promise it will take you to a happy place!

    love and miss you!
    ~tracey Ü