Saturday, February 27, 2010


On Thursday the 25th I underwent my second round of Chemo and it turned into a party of sorts, with help from Justin, my boys, my parents, Denise, Brenda, Christy, and Lisa I laughed the entire four hours of the treatment. Some of the laughter was involving memories, some the result of acting and role-playing, and the rest was just having the love and support of terrific people around me! I thought I would share some of the photos that brought so much joy:

Yes, this is Justin!

This is Denise right before
someone who opted for
a wig walked in!

Once in a While

Once in a while a friend is found who’s a friend right from the start.

Once in a while friendship is made that really warms the heart.

Once in a while a friendship is found to have a lifetime through.

It really does happen…Just once in a while—It happened to me and you!

--Author unknown

Christy is loving this!

My boys were in on the action!

Brenda was in charge of treats, pictures(notice who is not in any) and pedicures!           
I feel blessed to have in my life those who brighten the lives of others!

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