Saturday, April 10, 2010

Daffodils and Rosebushes

This is my favorite time of the year! The grass starts to green, the birds start chirping again, and the beautiful spring flowers start to bloom. This year has seemed even more important, as I have anticipated the departure of the cold winter and the warmth of the inviting spring sun. It feels my heart and soul with hope.

As everyone is aware this has been a crazy April so far, full of almost every expression that Mother Nature has in her bag of tricks. With the wide swings from 70 degrees to 10 inches of snow in a 24 hour period of time, my mind has been drawn out in contemplation about the confusion that can sometimes existent for us here on this earth.

My thoughts have been focused on my daffodils and a spring storm a number of years ago. It was a typical spring in Utah (meaning there was nothing predictable about it), and our daffodils were out and beautiful. Their pretty yellow faces made me smile as they greeted the sun! These particular daffodils were growing up among the rosebushes, which inherently would not be a problem, but one night the winds came and the rain beat down. I found myself so concerned for the delicate daffodils. My concern heightened and so did the wind. The wind would bluster and blow, then pause only to pick up more speed and power; it was during the pauses that I worried and was sure that my tiny daffodils would never survive.

The next morning I assessed the carnage. To my surprise many of the flowers had sustained the harsh wind and rain and I felt blessed. As I scanned the flower beds, I noted that others had bent in the wind and were changed but unbroken; still others bowed and then snapped under the enormous pressure.

My heart dropped as my eyes focused on one daffodil. It had grown particularly close to a threatened rosebush, which meant that the rosebush had produced many thorns in defense of itself. This little flower tried to battle, but was thrown back and forth by the wind and was impelled on the thorns. The flower finally rested in the throes of the thorns.

I think we are like these daffodils! We are often caught in the storms of life and do not have the power to determine the circumstances that we are found in, but we can be incredibly resilient. We can become flexible in the midst of trial and gain strength in our core as we trust the ‘Keeper of the Garden’. Even when we have been resistant in the past and our flower has broken, there is still hope in the bulb and in the brightness of the coming spring.

Because of Christ’s gift for all of us, no matter if we stand strong through the storm, bend, or break; He is the source of all true and lasting strength, hope, and health (John 8:12). Even when I think about the daffodil that tried to be courageous and battle the wind and the rain, and still found itself in a winless situation; I know that Christ is the ‘Keeper of the Garden’ and is well aware of where we are planted (Jacob 5:21-22). God knows what experiences we will need in this life to draw strength into our souls and He loves us enough to provide these divine tutorials (Abraham 3:22-26).

For some of us it will be the knowledge that comes when we stand firm; for others of us, it will be the humility that comes when we are bent and changed forever; and for others of us still, we will be changed to the core when we are broken, possibly impelled by the dangers of this world, but He overcame all things if we but trust in Him and rely on His strength more than our own (Doctrine and Covenants 50:40-42). I am grateful for the peace that comes to me when I realize that even when life is threatening and the thorns of life are near, they can never remove my strength and determination to fight, and no matter the outcome of the battle I will be victorious because I know the true source of peace and happiness (Mosiah 2:41). Of that I am grateful!

‘Mom’s Heart’ moment: We were running some errands yesterday with my mom and dad, and I was able to sit in the back seat with my boys. Eli was holding my hand and thoughtfully said, “Mom, when are you going to be normal again?”

My mom must have anticipated how difficult that question would be for me and answered for me, saying, “It’s going to take some time before mommy’s back to normal.” Eli’s little head slumped forward and he took a deep breath in. So did I.


  1. Hey Becky this is Chelsey (Robison) Lindsay. My Mom has been telling me about everything you and your family have been going through, and about your blog. I seriously think you are sooooo amazing. As if you weren't already, you find ways to inspire us all! I am at a loss of words at this point as to how great I think you are. Even though you are the one being faced with this mountain of a trial, reading your blog helps me in my own struggles. You and your darling little family are always in my thoughts and prayers!!!

  2. I have always loved the story of the daffodiles. Only you could look at a flower in your garden and have it mean so much. I am just so very very very proud of you. Thank you for being a strength to all of us. Can't wait to see you on Saturday.